Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If you want to buy advertising time...

...for the Super Bowl, then you'd better move quickly. This information demonstrates that the Super Bowl IS the biggest day in the advertising year.

Bringing more diversity to the television screen...

...and most interestingly to me to television newsrooms.

Giving news and coverage to...

...a non-political, political candidate. The shameless chase for ratings!

News could be the beneficiary of...

...a writers' strike. Then again it could backfire!

A sure sign...

...that Democratic presidential hopefuls are fearing for their own political future.

Lower death tolls among U.S. soldiers in Iraq

...and how the media are interpreting the news: the surge is working , patience is still a virtue, and there were distinctly mixed messages on the network news. Hey, whatever the reason...if fewer Americans are being killed in Iraq, that is good news.

The ultimate game of speculation...

...hardly a game worth playing, but for those who can't get enough political and presidential campaign news, consider this report.

Iowa and New Hampshire

Still the place to be for serious presidential candidates.

The most free form of speech and expression...

...ignored by the media. Why? My two cents -- Americans are war-weary and too often protestors are seen not as offering a message of dissent, but as being out of touch with reality. Sad.

Citizen journalists and training

This is the latest example of what many people, including this blogger, believe to be true -- citizen journalism can be strengthened by assisting these people in gathering real journalism skills.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The first head rolls...

...let's see (and hope) that more go with it.

Give the FCC credit for this ruling...

...anything that empowers the individual is something this blogger will support.

Sorry, I disagree...

Sure television does deserve some of the blame for the decline in newspaper readership...but let's be honest, today's young people are not reading a newspaper because by-and-large they are interested in seemingly ever-faster technology. The paper seems oh-so-slow and boring, in comparison. It's also still our best information source, and remember I'm a broadcast guy.

So, the media like Barack Obama?

These and other not-so-shocking findings can be found in this report.

FEMA needs to send some people to the unemployment line

That's what happens when you do stupid things.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some "serious" trouble for satellite radio

This time, XM reports a poor financial picture. Perhaps the answer is not merging the two satellite companies, but waiting for one of them to perish.

While the government is faking news...

...or at least news conferences...the media in southern California are showing their mettle, in the midst of the wildfire situation.

Don't you just love the federal government?

Just when it seems that the Bush administration -- and its various agencies -- couldn't possibly sink any lower in showing their disdain for the media, we get a staged news conference. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Apologies are not enough in this situation. Those responsible for planning this disgrace must be fired. Let's hope the administration has enough guts to do that.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Judith Miller is a babe...

...hey, at least that's what Hollywood is telling us. Just great -- take an important subject and put it in an apparent hot body. Just great.

The long-simmering feud between... Idaho newspaper and a U.S. Senator. Someone has an ax to grind in this thing...I'm still not sure if it's the paper or the person.

Take it to (the) Court

...and that appears to be exactly what will happen in the indecency discussion. Makes you wonder if this is what people wanted all along; but considering the makeup of the Court, I think the values argument is going to win out over the free speech claim.

The Jena 6...did the media get the story wrong?

One writer says in many ways, they did.

The New York Times...

...for sale? Might not be as crazy an idea as you might think.

Once a senator... a columnist.

ABC's Bob Woodruff

An interesting update.

California's First Lady... no longer proud as a Peacock.

California wildfires, 2

How one paper is dealing with the disaster.


...or a wise decision? You decide.

A TV journalist is arrested...

...for carrying a gun onto a high school campus. Were his actions justified? Were those taken by school officials?

Glenn Beck...shame on you

See if you feel the same way after reading this.

California wildfires, 1

A report on media coverage of this latest natural (and perhaps in some cases man-made) disaster.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Would you appear on a new Imus radio program?

An interesting question...and check out what one group of people is saying about it.

Covering the devastation in southern California

How are the media doing, in this important effort? One opinion can be found here.

"Stupid and unnecessary"

And I completely agree!

A long-time Los Angeles Times sports reporter has passed away

As many of you know, I grew up in southern I have a particular affinity to the media and journalists in that area. Here is a story about one of them.

The Jena 6 case is news...

...but should it be in the news? A variety of news organizations believe it should.

Bernstein and Nixon

Two names linked in U.S. political and journalism history. The former has made his first visit to the latter's presidential library. Here's the report.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Valerie Plame... her own words.

Look who's blogging now!

Consider that their boss often is no fan of the media...this was an interesting news morsel, to me.

The most valuable media corporation in the world...

...should be News to all of us!

A $5.3 million gift...

...allows a prominent southeastern university to open a journalism school. Kudos!

Would you trade...

...Rick Reilly for Dan Patrick? Technically, Sports Illustrated and ESPN didn't...but the timing of the announcements certainly made it appear as though they did.

A traitor...or worse

That's what Iraqis who work for U.S. media outlets feel in their home country.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Matt Lauer blew it

That's the opinion of one media analyst...following Lauer's interview with a U.S. Senator.

It bears repeating...

...a resounding vote for the media.

The Dodgers are returning home!

No, not to Brooklyn. Instead to here.

What's in a name?

For many people...apparently a lot. And many of them feel that if it ain't broke...don't fix it!

What you don't tell..

...could cost you. Just ask these guys.

"A thorough and transparent process"

Doesn't that sound funny when CONGRESS DEMANDS it of someone else. (Of course, in this case...those on Capitol Hill are correct.

Question: What is on 8 hours a day?

Answer: Oh, come know the answer!

More proof that digital conversion is moving ever closer... one popular electronic store, you can no longer buy analog televisions.

Don't do it...Kevin!

Yet again the chair of the FCC proposes something that raises the likelihood of fewer ownership voices.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Live for the sake of live

It's often useless television. This article adds to that point.

The budget woes of a large media organization...

...are probably no surprise. But because it is this media organization, the news might just be surprising.

Did you know this was...

...National Freedom of Speech week? What does it mean to you?

Washington Post reporter killed in Iraq

Details can be accessed here.

It isn't "sex"...and it isn't "sensationalism"...

...but it is this "s" word that is critical to ratings.

The challenge of keeping it clean...

...while trying to keep up with what cable is doing. It can be a real problem, as this article makes clear.

He's still sounding the call

...for a la carte programming. This is one initiative in which I find myself in agreement with the head of the FCC.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

He says he didn't do it...

...his former employer says he did. Time to go to court.

Critical House vote on federal shield laws for journalists is coming...

...perhaps as early as next week. Here are more details.

A leading magazine is about to become...

...more political. Interesting details here.

Jews need to be "perfected"...Ann Coulter

I try to ignore almost everything that Ann Coulter says, but when I came across this story I had to draw a line. Jews need to be "perfected"?

Let's see how Angry Ann talks her way out of this one.

Sometimes you need to go that extra mile...

...even if you're not being paid for it. Hey, it's not me who's making that claim. It's a rather famous journalist.

Ah, yes...when things go wrong...

...blame the media. Here's the latest government to do just that.

Reporting live from the parking lot?

Oh, it was more than just reporting was the whole newscast!

Friday, October 05, 2007


In the discussion about a federal shield law for journalists, that is.

Kudos to an ESPN reporter...

...for his work on the death of Pat Tillman. By the way, the kudos are not coming from me; they are coming from this group here.

A Boston TV station is told it cannot air a story...

...the reason behind it could spark interesting discussions in college classrooms.

Now it are new details.

Her legacy...

...on the one-year anniversary of her murder.

Those on the left favor Democrats!

That bit of shocking news is brought to you by FOX News.

Lies...da*n lies...and propaganda

All in the Middle East? Who knew!

From Russia...with News?

You bet. Read more here.

Media organizations take a stand

Media Release: Thailand
October 5, 2007
Thai police ban a book on democracy

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has expressed its concern after receiving reports that police have confiscated copies of a book about Thai politics, democracy and the monarchy, written by respected and well-known social critic, Sulak Sivaraksa.

The book, entitled A quarter of a century of Thai politics: a thorn-filled path, led to Sivaraksa receiving a notice from the Special Branch Police on October 2, 2007, which cited the out-of-date 1941 Printing Law and ordered him to stop printing, selling and disseminating the book.

IFJ Asia-Pacific Director Jacqueline Park said, “Banning books and access to a variety of information sources is a clear breach of people’s freedom and right to know, and reveals the kinds of restrictions imposed by the Thai government on writers and the media”.

Thai police allege the material in the book “may cause unrest and degrade good morals” in Thai society.

A new Printing Act does not allow police to seize books for this reason, but although the new law has been passed it is yet to be made effective. However Sivaraksa stands by his book, and claimed, “…all I wrote was true… for three decades now, authorities have not stopped harassing citizens and even (Prime Minister) Surayud (Chulanont) once remarked that (Thai) police are like the mafia”.

Sivaraksa said he will now petition the United Nations and the National Human Rights Commission and file a case in the Administrative Court to challenge the police’s decision. He has had charges made against him in the past which subsequently dropped due to an international outcry.

“The IFJ supports Sivaraksa in challenging the decision to confiscate his book and calls upon Thai authorities to drop the ban and allow the book to be freely published and distributed,” Park said. “It is the role of the media to question governments and hold them accountable for their actions, and it’s terrible that people like Sivaraksa are being persecuted for carrying out their professional duties.”

For further information contact IFJ Asia-Pacific on +61 2 9333 0919.

The IFJ represents over 600,000 journalists in 114 countries

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

FOXNews remains number 1...

...and MSNBC is doing better. What am I referring to? Come on, you know...the "r" word.

First we couldn't MoveOn(.org)... we are Rush-ing headlong into another non-story.

So, who are you going to believe?

The MSM or the Department of State? Now you have a chance to answer the question for yourself.

Why any fight between FOX and NPR... never a fair (and balanced) one.

A great piece of advice...

...from a top-level journalist to aspiring journalists.

It's at least a start

Kudos to ABC News for making a commitment to providing more international news.