Monday, April 26, 2010

The don't protest like they used to

The 40th anniversary of the shooting of four students on the Kent State campus is next week. I posted a blurb a couple of weeks ago describing a conversation I had had at a convention with two friends who teach at Kent State, which hosts an annual conference about the shootings.

In preparation for the 40th anniversary, The Chronicle of Higher Education offers a couple of interesting stories about student protests. In one, there is a suggestion that political indifference is too prevalent on college campuses now, and the upshot is that student unrest is rarely in evidence. In another story, a provost at one U.S. college reflects on those tumultuous days of May 1970.

We know the media are predisposed to highlight anniversaries with a "0" in its year, so I expect that there will be significant attention in the coming days (and especially next week) to the events of May 4, 1970. Of course, May 4 this year is an election day, so the attention might be muted somewhat.

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