Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obama and the media

The public will likely neither be fascinated to learn (nor in fact care to know) that the Obama administration and the White House press corps don't get along all that well.

My reaction? Who cares!

The media seem all too self-interested as presidents turn over to assess how well the White House press corps is getting along with the President of the United States. These stories almost always come off as "oh, woe is me," but more importantly have absolutely zero informational value.

The astute political follower knows that there are inherently different values associated with being a member of the White House administration and being a member of the press corps. Summarized briefly, the former is more interested in governing, ensuring the president's agenda is advanced, swaying the public and delivering information on a need-to-know basis.

The latter is interested in every morsel of information, access to news makers, uncovering issues of wrongdoing and in general ensuring that the competition is not "winning."

Those inherent tensions ensure that no matter how much the mainstream media might LIKE a president that they will be frustrated in their dealings with him (it will be a her at some point in the future) and the people surrounding him.

So, get over it.

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