Thursday, May 06, 2010

Are they coming?

If you are involved or interested in higher education, this is a story you ought to read.

The challenge of getting a full freshman class (and not just by enrolling anyone so as to make a desired number of incoming students -- are you listening for-profit institutions?) is exacerbated this year by the 2008 recession.

The provost at Point Park University has explained it this way to my faculty colleagues and me: This year's freshmen (in other words, the high school classes of 2009) were far enough along in their selection of colleges that the recession had less impact on their college decision-making than you might think.

However, the high school classes of 2010 -- next year's freshmen -- were juniors when the worst of the recession hit. That meant they and their parents had time to rethink their college choices. The schools that were expected to bear the brunt of these reassessments were private institutions, principally because of their cost structure.

I am aware, but obviously will not share with you, of the projected freshman class at Point Park University.

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