Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Future job prospects

My School of Communication faculty held the first of our two-day curriculum meetings. During our dean's presentation, we were introduced to a series of Bureau of Labor statistics that forecast job prospects for various communications fields from 2008 through 2018.

I found the full report and chose to pull some of the figures that most interested me.

In percentage terms, there are expected to be by 2018:
-4.1% more broadcast analysts
-6.1% fewer radio and television announcers
-7.6% fewer broadcast reporters and correspondents
-7.8% more broadcast engineers
-11.5% more photographers
-14.1% more marketing and sales managers
-18.2% more technical writers
-24% more public relations practitioners

What can we extrapolate from these data? Perhaps that the ability to sell a message will become more important and that the messenger will become less important. Or perhaps that there will be fewer reporters on the streets with a corresponding additional number of people telling the public why certain information is important. Or perhaps the ability to be a more individual storyteller will become more valued.

Or maybe we just don't know for sure.

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