Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Wednesday

Regular readers of this blog -- and I appreciate all of you -- are going to expect an extensive reaction to the Tuesday elections.

You will get it, but it won't be as soon as you would normally expect such information from me.

As you know, I am in Washington, where I am a faculty leader for The Washington Center's "Top Secret" academic seminar. On Wednesday morning we are visiting the Dept. of the Treasury. Later in the day we are visiting the Iraqi embassy. Needless to say, the trusty laptop is not accompanying me to either location. Sure, I could get it past security (I think), but I don't expect there to be a public wireless Internet at either location.

So, if I wake up early enough in the morning (and frankly based on how I feel tonight, I hope I don't; my headache is starting to ebb but I've felt off throughout the day), I'll attempt to get a post or two in. If not, the posts will come in the evening.

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