Monday, May 17, 2010

The national political situation is always at the top of my mind...

...when I am in Washington, and yet I cannot deny the irony of being in Washington this week for The Washington Center's "Top Secret" program while Pennsylvania voters (and others from other states) prepare to go to the polls.

The 2010 primary election is tomorrow in several states, and the media located here are deep into their coverage of how the anti-incumbent mood could lead to experienced politicians being ousted from office.

We've already seen that in Utah, and it would surprise few people if Pennsylvania's senior senator Arlen Specter is denied his party's nomination. If you are an astute political observer, then you know that Sen. Specter switched from the Republican Party to Democratic Party. (Depending upon your political persuasion, you can make the case as to why he did it.)

Of course, the Tea Party movement has generated its fair share (or too much, again depending upon where you are on the political spectrum) of media attention over the past 6-8 months. There is a growing national sense that if incumbents lose tomorrow that the Tea Party movement is responsible for that. I'm less inclined to accept the power of the movement, but I will acknowledge it has tapped into a raw nerve affecting many Americans.

If you are in a state that holds an election tomorrow, go vote. And tomorrow night, follow multiple news agencies as you evaluate how the media are covering the primary elections and what those results mean for the country.

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