Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A political message?

If you follow the news on a regular basis (and of course you should!), then you are aware that an Arab-American woman won the Miss USA beauty pageant on Sunday evening.

Setting aside what you think of such pageants and whether they reinforce the idea of a woman as a sexual object, there is within the media and especially the blogosphere a developing question of whether there was a "political" message being sent through Rima Fakih's victory.

Let's acknowledge that anything having to do with Donald Trump is, in my opinion, riddled with political undertones. It would not surprise me in the least if Mr. Trump sought to send a political message to Muslim extremists and anyone who seeks to demean the rights of women through Ms. Fakih's status as a beauty pageant winner.

But that's not the political message I'm also seeing in the news. And it is this second one that troubles me greatly.

I call your attention to one McClatchy News report that indicates there have been attempts in the past 24 hours to link Ms. Fakih's to Hizbollah.

Consider the flimsy nature of these claims -- her name is the same as a high-ranking member of Hizbollah. That's it. That's the basis of the "argument."

Let's dump this nonsense from the news agenda and return to the serious discussions of the day.

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