Thursday, May 27, 2010


Easy now...I haven't abandoned my Independent status and suddenly turned Republican (although that would thrill my in-laws and convince them that I might have finally come to my senses. Uh, Patty and Ray...ain't happenin'!)

Instead, the subject line of this post reflects what many Republicans are hoping (expecting?) to happen during the upcoming presidential cycle: Newt Gingrich as a presidential contender. And the man himself has dropped a provocative hint that he will be doing just that.

Mr. Gingrich is in -- surprise! -- Iowa, where he is promoting his new book (a link to it is available here)...

...that strongly attacks President Obama for moving the U.S. to the left.

I've noted at other times on this blog (see posts from October 2009, July 2009, and February 2009) that Gingrich represents something sorely missing from too many Republican politicians -- ideas that compel you to think. (Yes, too many Democratic politicians are equally vacuous.)

I especially like this New York Times piece on Gingrich, who remains an intriguing political character while subscribing to policies that remain decidedly conservative.

Will he run? Mr. Gingrich will be 70 years old when the 2012 presidential election takes place. If he opts not to, in my mind that will be the reason why. But if his health is not an issue, then the guess here is that he opts to make one last attempt at finishing his contract with America.

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