Monday, May 24, 2010

Someone is lying here

Either the blogger is a liar...or the politician is a denier.

The story developing in South Carolina today is a different one -- a blogger, Will Folks, is claiming that he had an affair with a politician who is running for governor.

The politician, Nikki Haley, says it is not true, plain and simple.

Making the story all the more surreal is that Sarah Palin is joining in the conversation. She's defending Ms. Haley, saying that what is happening to Ms. Haley is consistent with attempts to smear people who are prepared to upset the political apple cart. (I wonder what Rand Paul thinks of that.)

Oh, and just to finish off the house of laughs is that Mr. Folks used to be an aide to Mark Sanford. Yes, the same Sanford who went hiking on the Appalachian Trail...oops, I mean traveled to Argentina to visit his "soul mate" and told no one about it.

Absolutely bizarre.

Now, normally I wouldn't spend any time on such nonsense. But it is because of the occupation of the male that I am interested in this story. If he is lying, then he has disgraced himself and the journalism that he nominally claims to be involved in and presumably respects.

I could care less if Mr. Folks and Ms. Haley had a relationship. But I do care if they didn't and he's attempting to use his blogging credentials to validate a story that is a lie.

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