Thursday, May 13, 2010

The story that won't go away...

...and (perhaps) with good reason.

The name Joe Sestak might not be known to many of you outside Pennsylvania, but he could very well next week be selected by Democratic voters in this state to be their party's U.S. Senate nominee in the fall.

Don't be surprised if he beats long-time Washington figure Arlen Specter, as recent polls continue to indicate an extremely close race. If you are a follower of politics (and I hope you are), then you know Specter is vulnerable in part because of his I-was-a-Republican-but-now-I'm-a-Democrat party switch.

But whether Specter beats Sestak (or vice versa) is not the purpose of this post. Rather, there continues to be the unsettled question of whether the White House asked Sestak to not challenge Specter.

Sestak insists he was.

Needless to say the blogosphere is relishing this story, which has not gained traction in the mainstream media. (And I can hear the cries of liberal bias already. It goes something like this: "If it had been a Republican in the White House...", and I'll accept the mainstream media might have been more keenly interested in such a story if George Bush or another Republican had been a central figure.) One conservative magazine -- The American Spectator -- has written about the "bombshell."

What's the big deal? Simple. It's a violation of federal law to do what Sestak says the White House did.

Let's be careful here -- Mr. Sestak, to the best of my knowledge, has NEVER accused President Obama of making such an offer. And anyone ready to make that leap does so at his or her peril. Nevertheless, the accusation is a serious one, but to this point Attorney General Eric Holder is not letting anyone know whether his office is investigating.

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