Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blame the media!!

Here we go again.

It should come as no surprise that there are people who believe the media were responsible for taking down U.S. Gen. Stanley McCrystal.

Sure they did.

Leading this pack that is out to blame the media is Geraldo Rivera. (Come on, stifle that urge to laugh.) Rivera, that paragon of investigative journalism, says that the Rolling Stone reporter who wrote about Gen. McCrystal was akin to a "rat in an eagle's nest."

Meanwhile, various "tweets" I am reading tonight suggest that CNN's Wolf Blitzer (okay, now I can't stifle a laugh) criticized the Obama administration for not allowing Gen. McCrystal to take part today in a military meeting about Afghanistan and Pakistan.

And of course the conservative blogosphere is apoplectic at the apparent double standard of the media (hey, stifle that laugh) that were quick to cover military figures critical of the Bush administration during the Iraq war but are now indignant at this general.

Let me see if I understand this correctly: A general who is leading the war effort in Afghanistan offers comments critical of his boss and it's the media that are responsible for his resignation? So, that means if I am interviewed by a Pittsburgh media organization and criticize the president of the university where I work that it would be the media's fault when I am called onto the carpet?

Please do not be distracted by those who are using Gen. McCrystal's resignation as an opportunity to blame the media, take a free shot at President Obama or otherwise make you think that somehow McCrystal's comments were benign enough to not require any penalty against him. The general deserved what he got.

Meanwhile, CNN reports the general knew before he spoke to the president this morning that his fate was sealed.

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