Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do you know where Kyrgyzstan is?

If more than 2 percent of the U.S. population could locate Kyrgyzstan on the map, I'd be amazed. For some help and some relevant background information, I encourage you to access the CIA World Factbook on the country.

Regardless of whether you can find it on the map, I hope you are following the domestic unrest that is happening there. That violence might seem to be taking place in a remote country that is of no importance to the United States. That would be an incorrect assumption.

This excerpt from this CNN report offers just one reason why you should care:

Kyrgyzstan hosts a U.S. military transport base that is vital for supplying its troops in Afghanistan. It also has a Russian military base and strategically important natural gas pipelines.

It appears that at least 100 people are already dead, but at this point Russia has said it will not send military troops to the former Soviet republic.

Al-Jazeera notes that the unrest should not have been a surprise -- the overthrow of the government earlier this year did not quash the political tempest. (For more on April's overthrow, please consider this al-Jazeera report.)

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FrenchTwistDC said...

I do! I do!! Though, yes, I know, I am not american ;-) And I only know where it is because a friend of mine worked at the US Embassy there and so I did my google-ing and looking up the country when he moved there.