Friday, June 04, 2010

Extreme environmentalists are responsible for the Gulf oil disaster

Yes, folks...let's absolve BP of blame. Instead, let's blame it on "extreme environmentalists."

'Anthony has surely gone off the deep end,' you are thinking. Nope. I'm not the one making the charge mentioned above. Sarah Palin is.

Setting aside the ridiculous nature of these comments, Ms. Palin is acting more like a politician interested in running for president. Consider her decision earlier this week to endorse the man who almost certainly will be Iowa's next governor. There was a simple calculation -- I support you now, you support me later.

Moreover, she also is playing to her television base -- continuing to refuse interviews with other cable or over-the-air networks in favor of appearances exclusively on FOX News.

What bothers me about the media's reaction of late to Ms. Palin is that they appear to instantly place everything she says, tweets or Facebook posts into the mainstream conversation. It's almost Pavlovian -- Palin rings a bell, the media come salivating.

Let's put a bit of restraint of this Palin phenomena. Report when she does something important, such as deliver an endorsement for a political candidate. But can we ignore her when she makes statements such as those mentioned at the top of this post?

I cannot think of another politician who is out of office but remains so important in the eyes of the media. Bill Clinton, you say? Perhaps, but he was a two-time (and two-timing, for that matter!) President of the United States. There is a difference.

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