Saturday, June 05, 2010

Has Arizona now gone too far?

An artist uses four kids from one elementary school as images for a mural he paints. A local politician sees the mural and protests -- because the face of one of the children is too dark. For additional details, please link to this Arizona Republic story.

Unfortunately and inexplicably, the Arizona newspaper missed the most important part of the story -- it never provides a picture of the mural!! (I also did an Internet search and couldn't come up with a full view of it.)

But the larger and more important issue is how this story will reinforce that Arizona is either at the forefront of dealing with immigration and race/ethnic relations or hopelessly out of touch with the times. (Remember, we're talking stereotypes -- there is no middle ground here; you either accept and agree with what is taking place recently in Arizona, or you find it offensive.)

One Huffington Post columnist makes very clear what he thinks -- the mural is a chance for Arizonans to start repairing their battered national image.

One issue that also ought to be considered with this story -- what do the actions of the politician tell young people about how they are appreciated for their uniqueness?

But that probably makes me show blowhard liberal.

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