Thursday, June 17, 2010

If the new landscape of college football is now set...

...then it's time to look at the winners and losers in the "Let's Play Conference Swapping Musical Chairs".

The winners:

1. The University of Texas: If y'all had any doubts that the Longhorns were "steer"-ing the Big-12 bus, then take a look at how they used the potential for a move to the Pac-10 to generate more money for themselves. And that ain't no "bull," y'all.

2. The Little 5 of the Big-12: About one week ago, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Iowa State and Baylor appeared to be heading to the Mountain West or somewhere else. Instead they remain part of the scaled-down Big-12 (now 10 schools) and therefore part of a BCS conference. And Kansas' basketball program retains its top status in a top-tier conference.

3. The University of Utah: Hello Pac-12!! The Utes go from the BCS Busters to a BCS conference. No chance that would have happened if the Big-12 had collapsed.

4. The college football fan who likes the big boys playing for the big prizes. The elite of the sport have become more clear. They are either historically big-time programs or they reside in major media markets. Or both. The little engine that could winning a mythical national championship? Oh, please stop me from laughing.

The losers:

1. Western geography: How exactly are you going to divide the Pac-12 into two divisions when 7 of the 12 teams are essentially on the Pacific coast? Or knowing that the 4 California teams want to remain together? Or recognizing that there is no true east/west or north/south to this map?

2. Conference-USA: Already a second-tier conference, this now 10-team conference has seen two of its largest media markets evaporate as Memphis and Central Florida (located in Orlando) prepare to bolt to the Big East.

3. Texas A&M: Let the Aggies attempt to sell you some Texas-sized propaganda. Just don't buy it. Sure, the Aggies were talking seriously to the Southeastern Conference as a means of proving it was as mighty as Texas. That's a bunch of bull.

4. Traditional rivalries: Utah and BYU to close out the Mountain West schedule? Only one more time. Ditto Nebraska and Colorado with the winner positioned to go to the Big-12 championship game. A Rose Bowl game involving a Big-10 (now 12 teams) champion Nebraska against a Pac-10 (now 12 teams) champion Utah?

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