Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interesting interview (UPDATED AT BOTTOM)

Vice magazine has posted online an interview it conducted with former Hearst reporter and columnist Helen Thomas.

I'll give Ms. Thomas credit for having opinions and not being afraid to express them.

Now, what these opinions and comments say about her bias, well I guess that's for you to decide.

UPDATED: WCBS-TV in New York has talked to the rabbi who interviewed Helen Thomas who then made the Jews should get "the hell out of Palestine" comment. I have no tolerance for the people who have written such hateful comments to the rabbi, but I think WCBS missed a very important point: It never tells us how many people have written the rabbi to support him.

Meanwhile, I am curious as to your thoughts about this editorial that appeared in a southern California newspaper. I think the writer missed the point -- no one is suggesting Helen Thomas or anyone cannot say whatever they want; Ms. Thomas was canned because she failed to remember that the right to free speech comes with a responsibility to use it wisely.

And you also should read this story, which highlights Ms. Thomas' sisters suggesting her comments were misinterpreted.

Let me see if I understand this -- a woman who spent essentially her entire professional life as a journalist needs her sisters to suggest her comments were misinterpreted? Really? Are we ignoring the bias exhibited by Ms. Thomas in the past? Or were those comments also somehow misinterpreted?

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