Friday, June 11, 2010

Really, Mr. President? Really?

Barack Obama was the darling of the media in 2008. The calls from the right that he was being treated more kindly and favorably than Sen. John McCain by the mainstream media were true.

Today the one-on-one interviews (or chances to play hoops) with President Obama are still considered a "get" interview. The public's fascination with Mr. Obama has waned, and the White House press corps has grumbled more than once about how this White House has treated them.

(Side note: Media -- the public doesn't care about your whining about access to the president. Shut up and move on.)

A report from The New York Times ought to really set off the media. It notes that this administration more than any other in history has sought to punish government employees who leak information to the media.

Moreover, the Huffington Post notes there are several reports suggesting the Pentagon wants to come down hard on the founder of WikiLeaks fearing that he's about to post more classified information.

You might say the president has found a few of those rear-ends he's been threatening to kick. His anger at the media for their criticism of how he's handled the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has magnified the apparent growing disdain this president has for and with the mainstream media.

Why? Here are some ideas.

1. The president heavily used social and new media to bolster his campaign chances in 2008. Thus one could argue he doesn't feel he owes the mainstream media anything

2. He is a Constitutional law scholar. Perhaps he has come up with a legal justification for taking on the media

3. He's simply ensuring that his administration and the Justice Department enforce the law of the land

4. Perhaps he IS a socialist and has no regard for a free press. (Okay I'm kidding here.)

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