Friday, June 18, 2010

She's picked two recent winners... (UPDATED)

...yet the caricature of her is still that of a loser.

I hope you've taken the time to read Newsweek's cover story on former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Yes, I already know what you are thinking. You fall into one of two camps: She's a bumbling idiot (one example to bolster your case), out of touch with mainstream America and style over substance. Unless you think she rocks because of her fierce defense of motherhood, God and country (and not in that order).

I don't care what you think (provided you are basing it on thoughtful reflection and by reading a wide variety of sources), but I do hope you are attempting to understand why Ms. Palin has resonated with parts of the American electorate dating back almost 21 months when she was selected as John McCain's running mate in the 2008 presidential election.

Ms. Palin has backed two Republican women who won their recent primaries, and she's drawing attention for it. Granted, one of those women, Carly Fiorina -- California's Republican U.S. Senate nominee, likely would have won without her endorsement, but there is no doubt Ms. Palin made a difference in South Carolina, where Nikki Haley was struggling in her campaign to win the state's gubernatorial primary. But once Palin came in, Haley's popularity surged (and with it came those still unproven rumors of marital infidelity). Interestingly, and for what it's worth, the blogger who claimed to have had an affair with her has endorsed Ms. Haley's bid.

Palin infuriates the mainstream media when she continues to appear only on FOXNews while using her Facebook page to deliver succinct political messages aimed to her supporters or at her critics.

But remember that in this era of one-sided political discussion on cable "news" television networks and with the plethora of social media, Ms. Palin can get her message out without dealing with the news organizations that she doesn't like.

That certainly, without a doubt, and soooooooooo proves she's a loser.

In other words, Ms. Palin is not a loser for using the media available to her in the way she wants. She might be a loser in other ways, but not for this. Or perhaps her use of the media proves just how smart she is. You decide.

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