Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So far, so good (UPDATED)

1st UPDATE: 11:00 p.m. EDT: The South Carolina Republican gubernatorial primary is now history. And we should all be thankful for it. As this CNN report notes, the lack of professionalism, the pandering to rumor and the almost infantile shenanigans of politicians and their supporters leave little for future campaigns anywhere to emulate.

Politico.com's Kasie Hunt tweets that during her speech to her supporters tonight, Ms. Haley said, "I think he’ll make a cute first man, don’t you?" (I'll leave that to someone else to decide.)

Another Politico.com reporter, Ben Smith, tweets that Ms. Haley also said: "This is America at its best...people of S(outh) C(arolina) are great and you just proved that tonight."

Something else that might have been proven tonight -- Sarah Palin is a commodity in the Palmetto State. She endorsed Ms. Haley when her campaign was struggling.

ORIGINAL POST: To borrow a tired cliche, I have no dog in the hunt to become South Carolina's next governor, and I doubt I would find the political orientation of the principal Republican candidates palatable.

But it pleases me tonight to see Nikki Haley generating almost 50% of the votes in the GOP primary. Why? Because from this outsider's perspective, there were a few good ol' boys determined to undermine her. So far, it looks as if they have failed. Miserably.

As I write this, about 90% of the precincts have reported, and Ms. Haley appears to be heading for a run-off with Gresham Barrett. She will end up with perhaps 49% of the vote (just under the majority threshold that would have negated a run-off), while he will end up with perhaps 22% of the vote.

Her success in that June 22 run-off is not certain, but it seems almost impossible that she would not win her party's nomination.

What makes Ms. Haley notable are the recent smears one blogger and one political operative in the state have uttered. Each man has claimed -- with zero evidence to support their contention -- that they had an affair with Ms. Haley, who is married. She has vehemently denied any affair with any man.

If Ms. Haley is indeed lying, then I hope her lies are revealed to the electorate sometime soon. But if the good ol' boys are trying to take her down without cause, I hope they fail miserably.

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