Wednesday, June 02, 2010

There's something wrong with this...


I've read this story three times -- and I've come to the same conclusion each time: What is wrong with public-relations practitioners using the tools of modern media to bypass the traditional media?

I consider myself among the strongest defenders of the journalism industry, and I believe some of the most important people in this country (or any country in which the media are free and open) are journalists. However, the industry is under stress perhaps like never before.

In such an environment, the rules of traditional communication (one sender, one receiver and with the journalist as the authoritative information source) are being rewritten. Consider citizen journalists, video on the Web, bloggers, multi-channel programming and politicians using the Internet to promote their own message and you come to one conclusion: Whatever the new "rules" will be for journalism are yet to be written, but while they are the industry will be struggling to retain its position of authority.

Deal with it.

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