Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A vacation? What? You're a college professor! You have 3 months off.

Sure we do.

This is a wonderful column, and it points up some important truths -- university professors supposedly have three months off every year.

Now we'll be honest, there are some lazy people in higher education who get tenure and then begin to coast. You know who they are; and if you have anyone like that in your department, you are almost certain to look at them with a healthy amount of disdain.

But for the rest of us, the summer is indeed a time to engage in some other projects. Some might be related to a research item, or some might be related to revising a course or two.

But a real vacation still seems like a fantasy. If a week at a Scout camp with my son counts as a vacation, then yes that's vacation for me. If visiting either my wife's family or mine for a few days counts as vacation, then yes that's a vacation for me.

Now let's be honest here again. I can take those four or five days to go camping with my older son (and both boys will be involved in Scouting next year) without anyone missing me at work. That's not something everyone can do.

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