Friday, June 18, 2010

Yes, we are...maybe

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told an Ecuadorian television station (what!!!) that the U.S. government will sue Arizona for its controversial illegal immigration law.

Unfortunately, the Department of Justice won't confirm such a lawsuit. Moreover, Mrs. Clinton is the Secretary of State and as such her portfolio doesn't include domestic issues. It's no wonder the governor of Arizona is angry and perplexed at what Mrs. Clinton said.

This scenario provides strong evidence to critics of the Obama administration that it is not in control of its political message. To allow Mrs. Clinton's comment to hang out there without confirmation is, shall we say, not the most positive example of having a consistent, unified message.

Granted, with the U.S. media covering the appearance on Capitol Hill of the chairman of BP, this Clinton story flew under the radar yesterday. I expect the heat to be turned up on the White House to provide a clear indication of what it intends to do, and to also explain why Mrs. Clinton said what she did.

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