Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just listening

I'm catching up on some e-mails (and yes my blogging!) at a fast-food establishment in Clinton, New Jersey. And I'm also savoring the conversations taking place around me.

If you think that means I'm snooping, you're wrong. If you've spent any time in a McDonald's, Burger King or similar place, then you know people sit close enough to each other that it is easy to overhear what people are talking about.

To my right, one young man just learned that his younger sister stole one of his pancakes when he went to the restroom. He didn't quite know whether to kill her or admire her. Considering she walked out of here, I think we know.

To my left, a young family is enjoying a late breakfast before they head off somewhere with a precocious little boy. I'll guess he's 2, and he's hilarious.

Behind the counter, a young woman is being trained. The message from her supervisor is to remember to keep up on the drink orders and to know which cash register placed that order. (I didn't know cash registers placed orders, but we won't go there!)

An older couple is bemoaning the heat (and I feel their pain), but they're both nursing a cup of hot coffee. As they do, a teenage girl is enjoying her orange juice with a paperback romance novel. (Seriously?)

Sometimes real life can be refreshing. And considering the difficulties of earlier this week (see my Sunday post about family and illness), the chance to see and hear "normal" feels pretty good.

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