Saturday, July 24, 2010

My personal favorites from 3 days in Annapolis

You can add Annapolis to my short list of favorite cities. The Moretti family heads home tomorrow after three fun days in this city, and I thought I'd provide you with my list of things you should see or do if you ever visit here.

Keep in mind this list includes places to see located in Annapolis, so locations such as the nearby state beaches and the famous Bay Bridge, about 10 miles from here, are not included.

1. The Naval Academy. Yes, I know, an obvious choice, but if you appreciate tradition, history and higher education, as I do, what else would you put at the top of the list? Specifically be sure you see: Bancroft Hall, Preble Hall, John Paul Jones' crypt, the Chapel, and when you get to Dahlgren Hall be sure to ask about the unusual cut out on the floor of the facility. If you want to know the answer, send me an e-mail and I'll tell you.

2. History Quest. It's at 99 West Street. It's free. It's air conditioned.

3. Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. If you are so inclined, find an open gate and head down to the field. If you have the Morettis with you, we'll definitely take that walk with you!

4. The Scenic Overlook located on Maryland State Route 450. It includes a World War II Memorial and offers a fantastic view of the city.

5. Historic Annapolis. I saw less of this area than I would have liked because of the excessive heat and humidity that has gripped this part of the country this week. A self-guided walking tour is a must the next time I am here.

I know it will not take much convincing to get the better half or the boys to come back here with me. I wonder what my chances are of making the trip in the fall, say on a Saturday when the Navy football team is at home?

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