Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bashing Islam

Now we begin to see ever more clearly why President Obama was correct in his defense of religious freedom and the potential building of a mosque near Ground Zero.

Key Republicans are shifting the discussion away from any potential project and toward a larger definition of Islam as inconsistent with peace. They should be ashamed of themselves.

The media are spending more time examining the president's backtracking on his earlier comments supporting the mosque.

Politico's Mike Allen offers an interesting blurb on what went into the administration's decision to support the mosque. He reports:

A White House official says an aide raised the “Ground Zero” mosque with President Obama during a meeting on other topics last week and Obama said: “This isn't one the president of the United States can duck.” The official recalled: “There wasn't a lot of debate because he made it clear that he WAS going to take it on.”

A top official tells us the White House knew the polls were decisively against the mosque: “We had no illusions about this. He didn't take this on as a political strategy. He took it on because it was a matter of fundamental principle. One of the reasons we work for him is that he doesn't sit there with a political calculator on these big, tough issues that come along. There was never any hesitation about the decision, and he has absolutely no regrets about it. He understands the emotions swirling around it and the horrific events that occurred there. But he doesn't believe shifting from our moorings as a country on questions like religious freedom -- treating one faith differently than another -- is the right answer. It would be a betrayal of who we are.”

As you decide for yourself what Islam is, please also consider reading this story that examines how one man is creating an MTV-like network that follows the tenets of Islam in the Middle East.

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