Thursday, August 05, 2010

Grammar, punctuation and spelling

That's the "GPS" that matters to journalism educators, as my colleagues and I struggle constantly with finding that just-right teaching method to ensure that our students learn and grasp grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Today I participated in a panel that examined grammar, punctuation and spelling, along with searching how to best incorporate the use of math and numbers into storytelling.

One of the panelists was Barbara Selvin, who teaches at Stony Brook University in New York. She reminded the audience that everyone who teaches "GPS" or the use of math in journalism need to have a passion for the precision associated with this kind of teaching. They also have to have patience because there will be the inevitable ups and downs in teaching.

To learn more about Selvin and "GPS" teaching, consider visiting her blog at

Another presenter -- Tom Johnson, a former investigative reporter -- and I examined the issue of numbers. He suggested that any story has a numeric possibility, and that it behooves journalism educators to compel their students to consider the numeric possibilities as they prepare their stories. He added that the quantitative possibilities can provide excellent context to a story.

The element that dominated the q-and-a session was whether a special test, a grade requirement or some other issue would assist in improving students' performances. No, we didn't come to a definitive conclusion, but there were some important ideas presented.

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