Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grown-ups in charge?

This blurb from Mike Allen of
JOHN BOEHNER, in his Speaker audition in Cleveland: “[I]f I were fortunate enough to be Speaker of the House, I would run the House differently. … I mean differently than it's been run in the past under Democrats OR Republicans. That means challenging the old ways in Washington, getting to the bottom of what drives people crazy. … As one citizen put it, … 'just get out of the way.' … It's time to put grown-ups in charge. … These are the values I learned growing up with 11 brothers and sisters, and these are the values I have passed on to my daughters.”
Those "grown-ups" certainly couldn't be Republican, Mr. Boehner. We know the great job those "grown-ups" did in running the economy for about a decade. (You know, deregulation?)

Alright, all kidding aside. Mr. Boehner makes one relevant point -- personal and professional responsibility is a must in everything we do. But let's not use that as a tool to somehow suggest one political party has exclusive understanding of it. The reality is that both political parties have demonstrated a remarkable lack of maturity over the past two decades.

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