Sunday, August 15, 2010

If almost everyone is picking Alabama to play Ohio State...

...then almost everyone could end up being very wrong.

Or not.

But here is the Moretti Pre-Season College Football Top -10 (just in case you care)

10. Nebraska. Sure, just what the Big-10 (Big-11? New Big-12?) needs -- another powerhouse
9. TCU. No more flash in the pan. Could run the regular-season table, setting up another BCS bowl
8. Iowa. I still think the next Penn State football coach can be found in Iowa City
7. Oklahoma. Am I the only one who thinks that every Sooner was picked in the 1st round of April's NFL Draft?
6. Florida. All of you who loved to pick on Tim Tebow, shut up. 
5. Virginia Tech. Last year, the season was ruined by a blowout in week one to Alabama. This year it could be...
4. Boise State. I love the blue turf
3. Texas. A championship game repeat? Could happen, except that the Big-12 is much tougher than the Big-10 and the Longhorns might not be as good as the 'Huskers at season's end.
2. Ohio State. The Buckeyes will steamroll the Big-10, one of their players likely will win the Heisman Trophy, and the legacy of championship game disasters will be discussed starting Sept. 1
1. Alabama. Every other team has bigger questions or bigger names to replace.

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