Sunday, August 15, 2010

Indianapolis will beat Dallas

The Moretti Fearless (and likely seriously flawed) NFL predictions:

NFC West: Arizona, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis
The skinny: Matt Leinart finds a way to throw more passes to his teammates than to the opposition

NFC South: New Orleans, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay
The skinny: The New Orleans area is an environmental and humanitarian disaster, but the Saints are not

NFC North: Green Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit
The skinny: A 20-something Aaron Rodgers is better than a 40-something Brett Favre

NFC East: Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, Washington
The skinny: Tony Romo had better put up...or else

AFC West: San Diego, Denver, Oakland, Kansas City
The skinny: The Chargers had better put up...or else

AFC South: Indianapolis, Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville
The skinny: If this were soccer, it would be the Group of Death

AFC North: Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland
The skinny: Hardest division to project

AFC East: New York, New England, Miami, Buffalo
The skinny: My, the hype machine is working overtime these days

NFC Wild Card: Green Bay over New York; Minnesota over Arizona
AFC Wild Card: Pittsburgh over San Diego; Baltimore over Houston

NFC Divisional: Dallas over Minnesota; Green Bay over New Orleans
AFC Divisional: Indianapolis over Pittsburgh; New York over Baltimore

NFC Championship: Dallas over Green Bay
AFC Championship: Indianapolis over New York

Super Bowl: Indianapolis over Dallas

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