Friday, August 13, 2010

An interesting editorial

Not surprisingly, the New York Times is encouraging the president to articulate a clearer strategy for Afghanistan.

A clear strategy would be ideal, but I wonder if the reality on the ground won't allow for it. The collective stomach for war among the American people is not there -- almost seven years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan has many saying it's time to finish whatever job there is and get out.

Whether that's the proper attitude is something that can be debated from now until the next time an American president sends the military into a battle. So for now let's not have it.

An already weakened president (it IS the economy, stupid -- and I hope you remember the context of that remark) will see his (and his party's) popularity dip even further if the public continues to believe that what is taking place in Afghanistan is either lacking in clarity and purpose, or, and this would be worse, not practical.

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