Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jim Gray should be put in the bunker (UPDATED)

UPDATE 7:20 p.m.: Let's also not forget that it was Gray who hosted the lack-of-journalism, softball-type questioning of LeBron James the night he said he was signing with the Miami Heat.

Gray allowed his interview with James to become your basic gabfest, akin to two guys drinking a couple of beers in the backyard.

That kind of conversation is great, unless you claim to be a professional journalist. And last time I checked Gray was indeed making that claim. (I'm stifling a laugh.)

ORIGINAL POST: Regular readers of this blog know I don't hold sports broadcaster Jim Gray in high regard. He's respected among the TV critics (for reasons I don't understand), and he's demonstrated staying power in an era in which faces come and go far too quickly.

I wonder, though, if Mr. Gray finally went too far. You might have read in the past 24 hours that Gray reportedly confronted and verbally attacked U.S. Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin for refuting Gray's report that Pavin had promised (disgraced) golfer Tiger Woods a spot on the team even if he doesn't automatically qualify. Gray reportedly called Pavin "a liar" and warned him that "you are going down."

The story is not only developing in the U.S. It also is big news in golf-crazy Japan.

The spat took place, there is no question about that. What also should not be in doubt is that Gray crossed the same line that the moronic flight attendant did at the end of a JetBlue flight the other day.

We can hope that Gray's employers do the right thing and suspend him (or can him entirely). That would send the proper message that "journalists" lacking in professionalism have no place on television.

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