Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Journalism professors are liberal and biased!

Ah, the old charge is being made again -- this time by a soon-to-be graduate of the Medill program at Northwestern.

I haven't polled my colleagues at Point Park University, and I have no interest in doing so. But I can tell you that most of them are Democrats. But that political preference is in part a reflection of the city in which they work. Pittsburgh is, and this is not a good thing, a one-party town.

On the other hand, I previously taught at Texas Tech University, located in rock-ribbed Republican Lubbock. And I can tell you with a healthy degree of certainty that several of my colleagues there were Republican. Lubbock is, and this is not a good thing, a one-party town.

But does the Democrat label for many of my current colleagues and the Republican label for many of my former colleagues mean that the former are liberal and the latter are conservative? More importantly, does the label suggest that any of these colleagues are biased in their dealings with students?

Here's my point -- unless someone has a legitimate gripe that they were harassed, humiliated or in any way treated unfairly by a professor and that unfair treatment was a result only of a difference of political opinions, then what a professor is, is not an issue.

I'm sorry if I come of as naive or something else here. The bottom line is that my colleagues -- current and former -- are free to hold any political ideas they want. They can express them as freely as they wish. As long as their students are being treated fairly, there isn't an issue.

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