Monday, August 16, 2010

The mosque that won't go away

And now the Democrats are being forced to defend something that needs no defense -- the president's endorsement of freedom of religion.

This comes from Politico's Jonathan Allen:

Look for lawmakers and their campaign-trail challengers to start having to answer tough questions this week about how they would handle the Manhattan mosque.

Democratic aides say the debate is an unwelcome distraction for incumbents who would like to spend the summer months talking about local issues rather than major national controversies.
Indeed, many Democrats in tough districts are finding it difficult to run on their party's legislative victories -- unless they voted against those laws -- or its agenda. So, they're running away from them.
How embarrassing. The Republicans are sure to make this a so-called wedge issue, and TIME's Mark Halperin urges them to do just the opposite. I doubt they will heed his message.

Meanwhile the Washington Post has provided a video link of President Obama's full remarks made on Friday night, when he offered his support for the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero.

I remain convinced this "mosque controversy" is not a controversy, unless as a country we want to claim that religions have a hierarchy and that one is therefore more important than another.

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