Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Please explain to me... a flight attendant who displays zero professionalism can within 24 hours develop into a media sensation?

Before we go any further, let's acknowledge that this blog post is based on the details I've read in selected media reports. If we learn over the next few days that the purported events did not take place, or that there are circumstances that have not yet come to light, then I reserve the right to edit what you are about to read.

But for now...

I can accept that airline passengers can be a surly lot, and I'll confess to not always being the most reasonable person when I can't get to where I want to go, or when I want to get there faster. But I've never resorted to the ridiculously immature actions that investigators say one man did on that JetBlue flight.

However, his apparent stupidity does not absolve the flight attendant from his absolute lack of professionalism. It is his responsibility to ensure that a safe, reasonably comfortable environment exists for everyone on that airplane. What he did was the opposite of that.

He repeated unacceptable language, and he likely exposed children to those words. He then grabbed an alcoholic beverage, something no one in his position should ever do. And then he endangered innocent people by releasing the plane's emergency chute.

And this man somehow deserves the positive attention he is receiving? The media are playing into this celebrity by failing to deliver the message that needs to be sent -- the flight attendant was an immature, unprofessional idiot.

Granted, they should use more professional language in making that argument, but that is a side note.

Have we lowered our acceptance of media standards so much that we are allowing the media to play into and play up the celebrity status of a man who should spend some time in jail for what he did?

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Belle said...

My daughter and I were discussing this today and laughing about what he did because we can realate to it. Most people have a breaking point and he met up with his. I doubt anyone was near the chute and in danger when he deployed it, but I may be wrong.

I rarely raised my voice to my children, but one day I was in Walmart with my two grandsons who were kicking and karate chopping each other and I lost it. I started screaming at them and yanked them both out of the store. I remember thinking, "You are acting like those other crazy mothers you've seen at the mall."

I just think most people can relate to this guy.