Friday, August 27, 2010

A Saturday in August in Washington D.C.

Yes, that is the PERFECT time for someone seeking media attention to get it.

This time the media's spotlight will shine on one of their own -- Glenn Beck. And why not?

Beck has had weeks to generate among his listeners and viewers an almost desperate commitment from them to show up in Washington. He's also allowed his detractors to call him out for what he's doing. Mind you, Beck is not advertising his event as a political rally, but instead as an opportunity for Americans to celebrate their heroes.

Uh, huh.

Beck and his supporters can call it anything they want; but you and I know better -- it's a political rally. And there's nothing wrong with a political rally. It bothers me -- but doesn't surprise me -- that Beck would attempt to back-door the purpose of his event: to give his fans, Tea Party supporters and anyone else who sides with him an opportunity to express their frustration with America's direction and leadership.

They might have a point there.

So, if they exercise their right to speech and assembly within the parameters of the law, then there's no problem. But they have no right to prevent their critics from their determination to ensure that Beck knows he's not everyone's favorite.

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