Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trying to understand Glenn Beck

Is he attempting to become the new head of the Christian conservative movement in the United States? Considering some of the language he used during his (it's really not a political) rally yesterday in Washington, there is at least some evidence to suggest he is.

Beck, of course, had a competing rally yesterday, but it was subsumed by the sheer attention-grabbing ability of the talk radio and FOX News personality.

But let's get to the point -- is Beck attempting to more fully than ever align himself with the Christian right? Let's accept as a baseline for discussion that Beck:

1. has always espoused the same philosophy he is advancing, meaning those who think he is somehow "changing" is missing an important point
2. gained a powerful ally when he moved to FOX News. CNN's agenda is not the same as FOX's, where a you're-responsible-for-yourself philosophy is gospel
3. is using the angst that has powered the Tea Party to also power his popularity

In an era in which FOX News and other "news" organizations openly espouse a political philosophy in their interpretation of "news," people such as Beck can move out of the "news" studio and into openly political waters without fear of being sanctioned.

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