Friday, August 27, 2010

Way to go, Dana!

Dana Canedy challenged Point Park students today to focus on their dreams, never give up hope and continually strive for success.

Ms. Canedy -- the author of A Journal for Jordan -- was the keynote speaker at the university's convocation ceremony.

I mentioned last night that Dana spoke to several members of the Point Park administration, faculty and staff. My sense is that everyone left the room amazed at the optimism and confidence of a woman who could easily have taken her tragedy and turned inward, shutting out the world.

Instead she has worked hard over the past 18 months to turn negative into positive, and at the same time to inspire people to think about their lives, what they want out of it and how they opt to live it.

Way to go, Dana!

I saw at least a half-dozen students approach her at the reception that followed the convocation. If they saw her as a role model or mentor, they were making a wise choice.

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