Sunday, August 22, 2010

When a perhaps 75-year-old man jumps off an approximate 16-foot cliff...

...lots of people watch.

And applaud him when he does it successfully.

Over the weekend, my son's Boy Scout Troop enjoyed an end-of-the-summer weekend camping trip to Shallow Falls and Deep Creek in Garrett County, Maryland.

Yesterday (and before the rains came and soaked my son's tent!!), 21 Scouts and their 8 leaders made their way to the water. Late in the day people of all ages were jumping off an approximate 16-foot rock and into the water below. (For the record, Boy Scouts of America rules prohibit any Scout from partaking of that activity.)

One person eventually caught everyone's attention. A perhaps 75-year-old man began the climb. The anticipation developed, as perhaps 100 people turned to look. Would he do it?

Sitting near me was the man's son-in-law, who had been taking pictures of his kids as they had taken their turns over the past 30 minutes. "He's going to do it," the man said to me.

Sure enough, the elderly man took his turn. A loud roar of appreciation and applause followed him.

He went at least once more that afternoon. And no matter how young or old anyone else was, no one earned the attention of the other summer revelers as he did.

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