Tuesday, August 03, 2010

WikiLeaks is a criminal enterprise

My opinion? Hardly.

Instead one Washington Post columnist -- who also spends considerable amounts of time at a notable conservative think tank -- is the one leveling that charge.

I remain a bit perplexed that the mainstream media establishment has not come out in support of WikiLeaks. Perhaps they remain more than a bit miffed that their credibility is deemed to be in sufficient question that an angry, misguided military man would turn to a media outsider to vent his fury.

Or perhaps it's because WikiLeaks was more willing to take the risk of publishing the classified documents that sparked this controversy.

Or perhaps it's because the media think WikiLeaks is wrong for operating (perhaps a bit too loosely for some tastes) under the guise of the First Amendment.

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Gershon Bai-Lama said...

What Wiki leaks did was tantamount and irresponsible, but the role of the New York Times in the leak is also equilibrium to treason. Wiki leaks would have reach its waterloo if they just dump all the said classified papers online without the involvement of a mainstream media, like NYT to verify the credibility of the sources.

The must be limitation to the first amendment, such as war time situations. What wiki leaks and New York Times did, not only endanger NATO Security forces, but created a recipe of conspiracy theories against NATO and its South East Asia Allies, for instance, mounting pressure between Downing Street and Pakistan.

I' m a big fan of Justice Black’s absolutist approach to the first amendment. Black opined that, the first should not be compromise for any thing. It meant exactly what it says: that Congress shall make NO law abridging the freedom of speech. Under this approach, the only question is whether the action in conduct is truly a speech.

I will let the readers be the juries. The first amendment warrants no one to enter a crowded soccer pitch and sound a false terror alarm. What a cheap way to gain recognition. They should be ashamed of themselves.

In a nut shell, I see no reason why main stream media should back wiki leaks. Who would? Am not impressed, I need real news like urban unemployment, and race relations.

Gershon Bai-Lama