Thursday, September 09, 2010

A controversy or... overblown minor issue?

This one is intriguing -- three players on the New York Mets' baseball team failed to show up the other day when the team visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.

The trip was not mandatory.

The controversy, if there is one, stems from the players who didn't make the trip -- the three appear to have already ostracized themselves from their teammates and management.

So, the question -- are the absences of three baseball players at a voluntary event a controversy? Or an overblown minor issue that became a national story because it involved the New York media?

Because of the times in which we live -- the military continues to be held in high regard for the continuing sacrifices its men and women make in Iraq and Afghanistan for American citizens -- these players will have a hard time finding people to support them. And it doesn't help that they are held in such low regard by their employers.

But are those criteria enough to make this a controversy?

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