Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Good night...and maybe good luck

Remember the halcyon days of CBS News? The Tiffany Network? The grandeur that was the over-the-air network news operation.

Those days are gone. And perhaps never to return. Much like many of the news jobs at that network.

I find stories such as the "demise" of an old media news operation a bit dull and passe. Anyone who thinks that the good ol' days are coming back, and that the public is going to again embrace watching the network news at the time the network dictated is in a terrible state of denial.

Sure, let's give Katie Couric credit for taking the risk of moving to CBS News. And let's acknowledge that she and her news team showed a lot of guts to junk the planned format of her news program. But let's also remember that in an era of declining ratings and revenue, the network's big-wigs paid her an astonishingly over-priced $15 million per year.

Couric will land on her feet, and it might very well be at CNN. But don't celebrate that happening. Instead rue the thousands of men and women who have been canned by CBS News and will not land on their feet. They're as talented as Couric; they might in fact have better journalistic skills.

But they don't have a "name."

And that's the way it is.

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