Saturday, September 04, 2010

If I could control the college football season...

...then you would see the following:

1. USC winning all its games (hey, get over it...I graduated from the school)
2. Boise State playing for the (alleged) national championship
3. Ohio State not playing the Broncos
4. Someone on the periphery of the Heisman Trophy discussion winning that award
5. Teams other than Alabama and Florida playing for the SEC title
6. The Civil War game deciding the Pac-10 championship
7. Duke, Northwestern, Rice and Vanderbilt all having winning seasons
8. No conversation involving how old Joe Paterno is
9. Ohio winning the MAC Championship (hey, get over it...I got my Ph.D. there)
10. Buckets of underdog teams winning in September
11. The BCS being eliminated immediately
12. One of the sports' good guy coaches having a big breakthrough season
13. Texas Tech rolling everyone in the Big-12 (hey, get over it...I taught there)
14. Michigan returning to the elite of the Big-10
15. Improving graduation rates across the board
16. More analysis from Lou Holtz
17. Less analysis from just about everyone else
18. A sunny, 70 degree day for the Rose Bowl
19. UCLA not being at that game
20. A team from the Big East being in the national championship conversation
21. The SEC not being represented in the national championship conversation
22. The Orange Bowl including the Pitt Panthers
23. The Chik-fil-A cows sponsoring everything
24. A team named Tech winning the ACC championship
25. You and I enjoying every minute of it

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