Friday, September 10, 2010

John who?

Politico's Martin Kady examines the White House's attempt to make the House Minority Leader the face of the GOP:

President Obama mentioned John Boehner eight times in his Cleveland speech earlier this week - which is eight more times than most presidents mention the minority leader of the lower chamber of Congress in big political speeches.

Will Obama go after Boehner again in his press conference today, when questions will inevitably turn toward the gloomy outlook for Democrats and the possibility of a Speaker Boehner? For the White House, it's all about finding a political villain within the Republican party, since there is no obvious leader.

Boehner's office, meanwhile, seems to be loving the elevation, since it's giving a largely unknown political leader a national platform. 

Why not? If the GOP does take over control of the House, America will be fully introduced to a bulldog of a politician -- and that shouldn't be read as a criticism. And attempting to derail Boehner and the Republicans is one of the reasons the president intends to hit the campaign trail -- hard -- this fall. One of his favorite places of late -- Wisconsin. And he's putting his money (okay, technically donated money) where his mouth is.

And the dirty tricks that often come from political advertising also are being ramped up by groups allied with the Republican Party.

Yup, you can tell Labor Day has come and gone. Kids are back in school. Temperatures are moderating. And politics is red-hot.

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