Sunday, September 05, 2010

Name the place... have visited that is most important to you.

On the heels of the "most important event" question that led to my previous post, our 6-year-old asked if his parents and his older brother could identify the one place we had visited that "was the best in the whole galaxy."

Alright, the galaxy might be a bit much, but I can come up with a few on Earth that resonated with me.

They are:

10. The Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall. You can't go far in Philadelphia without finding something historic. Is there one more symbolically important than this one?

9. The National Mall. Do you want to pick a single place from this geographical place?

8. Notre Dame. No, not the university in South Bend, IN (I've never been there); instead I'm referring to the cathedral in Paris.

7. Niagara Falls. If you've been there, you'll agree; if you haven't, you need to go.

6. The United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy. If you ask why, you really don't know me as well as you think.

5. St. Francis High School. The most personal place on this list. My only disappointment about living so many miles from California is not being able to return to my alma mater.

4. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Consider what has taken place within this facility before dismissing it as historically important.

3. St. Matthias Church. My visit to Budapest in 2001 was delightful and this was the building I remember most.

2. Capitol Hill. It remains my favorite building in Washington.

1. Texas State Book Depository. Few places have left me completely speechless. This was definitely one. History was made -- the ramifications of which have perhaps never been fully understood -- on the street below on Nov. 22, 1963.

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Belle said...

I'll give you my top three:

1. Jasper National Park
2. Monument Valley
3. Disneyland (most important because of the joy it brought my children and grandchildren)