Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sarah...Palin and tall

Like her. Hate her. That matters not to me.

But I do care if you take Sarah Palin seriously. This article will reinforce your opinion of her -- a shallow, manipulative individual with charisma and no substance; or a determined maverick doing the right thing for America.

Have fun coming up with the middle ground necessary to have a serious conversation about the merits of this woman as a presidential candidate.

My opinion, for what it's worth, is that Ms. Palin is doing exactly what she wants to do -- raise a little heck and a lot of cash, and mostly for herself.

There's nothing wrong with that. This is America, where even the most shallow can appear on reality television in an attempt to strike it big. 

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Belle said...

I think Sarah Palin and the Tea Party activists are dangerous to our constitutional right for separation of church and state. If these are joined together there will be persecution of non-Christians. I am a Christian myself, but I have no desire to force others to believe as I do.