Friday, September 10, 2010

Unless he meets with me... (UPDATED)

1st UPDATE: 9:30 a.m. EDT: Pastor Jones has given his solemn word that his "church" will not burn the Koran tomorrow. However, he didn't close the door on it never happening.

Okay media, there is your opening -- he's not doing anything tomorrow. Now leave him alone. Forever. Don't give him the "pulpit" he wants. 

ORIGINAL POST:...I'm leaving open my options of burning a holy book.

This is leadership? This is moral authority? This is a positive example?

Perhaps it is time for the media to call off all reporting about "Pastor" Terry Jones and let him do whatever it is he wants to do. The nerve of one man to suggest that unless another (and in the case of the imam a real one) religious figure meets with him, he will burn reconsider plans to burn the Koran.

Yes, the pastor can do what he has threatened to do under the guise of free speech. And the media can do the professional thing as well and ignore him.

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