Monday, December 13, 2010

Actually, you will have Michael Steele... kick around (at least a little longer).

Surprise! This from the New York Times:

Michael Steele announced Monday that he would seek a second term as head of the Republican National Committee, despite criticism about both his leadership and fund-raising abilities. His decision sets off a scramble for the position, with at least six top Republicans having taken steps to run for party chairman.

Steele's decision was unexpected, in that most political observers thought that with little chance of being re-elected that he would step aside.

The Los Angeles Times reports

His decision means the party will be debating the record of its first African American chairman as it takes control of the House. Steele and Republican congressional leaders have been at odds, and a bruising fight would be an unwelcome distraction.

Steele faces an uphill battle to keep his job, note party veterans, including some who say they like him personally but doubt he can win. His move sets up a battle with half a dozen rivals.

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