Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh, come up

One of the themes leading into tonight's Monday Night Football game is the temperature.

That's right. The temperature.

As you probably know, the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears has been moved outside and to the University of Minnesota stadium because of the roof collapse at the indoor Metrodome. And as you definitely know, it's December in Minnesota, which means it's cold.

The reported wind chill is -1, but the ESPN pre-game hosts are repeatedly making mention of the snow and cold as if an outdoor cold game is some kind of anomaly. The weather conditions as a talking point before the game?

How "new" school are we going here, people?

It's ironic that tonight the Vikings organization is honoring the 50 greatest players in the franchise's history, as its 50th season in the NFL comes to a close. The celebration marks the first outdoor "home" game in 29 years. In other words, almost half the team's home games were played outdoors.

The temperature? Come on.

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