Monday, August 22, 2011

Actions have repercussions

Faculty often remind students that actions have repercussions. We remind them that Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media help define the image that potential employers draw.

But it goes beyond social media. What you do when you let your hair down, so to speak, also has to be measured against what is acceptable.

Today I learned that a university dean has announced his immediate retirement after details of his boorish behavior became known. Below is the full account that appeared on the Chronicle of Higher Education Website.
The abrupt retirement of the dean and campus executive officer of the University of Wisconsin’s Fox Valley campus this year was the result of his alleged misconduct on a study-abroad trip to Africa. According to documents obtained by Gannett Wisconsin Media through a public-records lawsuit, James Perry drank, made crude remarks to women on the trip to Namibia, overstepped his authority, and got into a physical altercation with an assistant professor and a student. University officials gave Mr. Perry, who last fall was cited for drunken driving and recklessly endangering safety after a domestic dispute, the option of stepping aside or being removed from his job, the records show.

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